The Pamphlet

The Pamphlet

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The Pamphlet Podcast [Season One]

Calling all Unitarian Universalist history buffs. The Pamphlet is a podcast co-hosted by Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie (an actually historian) and Sean Neil-Barron (a regular old UU history geek), together they uncover the hidden histories of Unitarian Universalism.

Season one contains 12 episode, more than five hours of powerful stories about our past.

Season one explores:

  • The connection between pirates, Unitarians, and American democracy
  • The real history of the flaming chalice
  • How Unitarianism and Universalism began
  • How Unitarians changed the face of death in the United States

.....and much much more.

All proceeds will go to fund the second season of The Pamphlet.

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